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Imagine a private cruise on the magnificent Halong Bay in Vietnam or ride on the classic luxurious Jayavarman along the Mekong in an expedition to discover the lost Khmer Kingdom. Sea junks and River cruises are hassle-free because all the details are handled for you. They're easy to budget, as so much is included in one price. A wide range of river cruises and sea junks are available to suit all tastes, from boutique sampan to luxury junks, from honeymooners to retirees, and everything in between.


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Paradise Cruise (2 days 1 night)

Paradise Cruise: Everybody knows Ha Long Bay is one of the world's cultural heritages but not all

Deluxe Le Cochine Mekong Delta Cruise 3 days / 2nights
Duration : 3 days 2 night
Price : $415
Depart : Ho Chi Minh city

Mekong Delta In Style, 3 Days/2 Nights
Duration : 3 days 2 nights
Price : Optional
Depart : Ho Chi Minh city
Song Xanh Mekong Private Cruise 2 days / 1 night
Duration : 2 days 1 night
Price : Optional
Depart : Ho Chi Minh city
Along Mekong Delta to Cambodia 3 Days/2nights
Duration : 3 days
Price : Optional
Depart : Ho Chi Minh City
Scenic Victoria Boat Cruise Mekong 4 Days 3 Nights
Duration : 4 days
Price : $1280
Depart : Ho Chi Minh City
2 Days Luang Say Mekong Cruises - Up Stream
Duration : 2 days
Price : Optional
Depart : Calao pier