Vietnam Useful Telephone Numbers

0 National Domestic Direct Dialing Access Code
00 International Direct Dialing Access Code
101 Domestic Long Distance Telephone Service
105 Vietnam Paging Service (in English)
106 Paging Service Enquiries
107 Vietnam Paging Service (in Vietnamese)
1080 Social and Cultural Information Clearing up Queries Service
1081 Talking Yellow Pages
1088 Connecting Customers to Consultants in the fields of healthcare, nutrition, drug preventive measures, law, informatics, construction, tourism, estate trading, education and training, intellectual property, love-marriage-family matters
110 International Telephone Service
113 Police
114 Fire Brigade
115 Ambulance
116 Phone Number Enquiries
117 Time Inquiries
118 Ring Back Test
119 Advice on Telephone Repairs
133 / 131 Hanoi ABC Paging Service
141 Vinaphone Paging Service
142 International Telephone Service Rate
143 International Telephone Service Enquiries

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