Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam borders with China in the north, Laos and Cambodia in the West, and the Pacific Ocean in the east. Its lies in the centre of South-East Asia.

Vietnam language & culture

Vietnamese language survival kit
Note: this section is not intended to replace a phrasebook. You can buy those from any postcard seller on just about any street corner in Vietnam. It will, however, present you with useful language tips that you won't find in standard phrasebooks.

Well behavior travellers in Vietnam

You can make a difference!
You will no doubt realize that environmental awareness in Vietnam is quite low. By setting a quiet example and, even better,

Swimming in Vietnam

Vietnam beaches
The topography of Vietnam means that it possesses an impressive coastline (some 3,200 km of it), with about 125 beaches of varying sizes and in varying stages of development.

Yes or no in Vietnam

What does yes really mean?

We did mention that Vietnamese liked to say 'yes' way more often than 'no'.

Good and bad tempers

It tends to be the accepted wisdom that Vietnamese people never really lose their tempers or get angry in public.

Tolerance and patience

The Vietnamese are very tolerant of: Bad driving Noise, interruptions, invasion (or absence of) personal space.

Vietnam wedding & funeral

When will the party start?

Owing to the complex superstitions determining auspicious moments for any two people to tie the knot, the date and time on your invitation may look like a printer's error, but,

Vietnam Folk Paintings

Vietnam folk paintings are divided into two main categories, namely Tet paintings and worshiping paintings appeared nearly at the same time with belief of worshiping ancestors of Viet people and consecrating nature.

Vietnam water puppetry

Water puppetry art is a long traditional cultural activity of agriculture-based citizens in the red river and has existed for long time with unique features.